Chief Engineer and EOOW

Montrose, Angus
Salary, pension and terms and conditions of service are attractive.  
27 Oct 2017
24 Nov 2017
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Targe Towing Limited is searching for a competent, professional and highly motivated Chief Engineers and Engineering Officer of the Watch to work on our large UK based terminal tugs.

Work is conducted in benign waters assisting tankers to and from terminals.

Knowledge of computer based maintenance systems is necessary, and the ability to be a self-starter is essential.

Full training package will be given on joining and prior experience of working on tugs is not required.

Salary, pension and terms and conditions of service are attractive.  

Please contact us for details and to discuss.

Targe Towing Limited has an excellent safety record and works to the highest of standards; our reputation as an exemplary employer is first in class.

An excellent opportunity for someone wishing to move from deepsea to be nearer home whilst having a professionally challenging ship based role.  This position is permanent and long-term.

Would very much suit officers who are currently working deep-sea and who would like to stay at sea but be nearer to home.

Targe Towing Limited has a highly refined and focussed safety culture and philosophy which lead to our being awarded BP Shipping’s Inaugural Safety Partner of the Year.  We offer a safe, clean and efficient working environment in which to work and this job would suit those who appreciate a dedication to safety, leadership and teamwork.

Contact details:

Targe Towing Limited


By Montrose

Angus, DD5 3PZ

Tel 01674 820234


Contact Nick Dorman, Operations Director