Engineering Instructors

Competitive salary
25 Jul 2017
25 Aug 2017
Location Type
Shore, Shortsea
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CSMART, Center for Simulator Maritime Training, uses the very latest,
state-of-the-art technology and methodology. It consists of Bridge/
Engine Room Full Mission and Part Task Simulators and practical
Electrical Training Laboratories. The number and range of engineering
courses will more than double over the next few years.

Engineering Instructors
CSMART is currently looking for high quality maritime professionals,
with particular focus on experience with cruise ships who are
specialized in specifi c fi elds. Applicants must possess a high degree
of self-motivation and a proven ability to work independently and as
part of a team.
Duties & Responsibilities
• Delivering training to ship-board technical staff
• Developing courses/new procedures
• Keeping up to date with current practices and technology
• Ship visits to maintain practices on-board
General Requirements
• Cruise Ship experience is preferred
• Experience in teaching/instructing would be an asset
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Requirements among the following specialisations
Electrical Focus
• Typically be or have been in the role of Senior Engineer/
Superintendent, Senior Electrical Technical Offi cer, Electrical
Technical Offi cer, Subject Matter Experts (SME) Electrical/
Automation Engineering
LNG Focus
• Experienced Marine Engineer with a minimum of 10-years’
experience required including sailing with LNG fuelled ships
• Management level Certifi cate of Competency (COC) - Class 1
• Advanced Gas Tanker Training STCW short course or equivalent
• Gas – Fire fi ghting course
• Experience of LNG tank cool down / bunkering / containment
• Experience with LNG fuel processing systems and LNG duel
fuel 4 stroke engines
EGCS Focus
• STCW III/2 Management level Certifi cate of Competency (COC)
or equivalent qualifi cation
• Experience with Marine Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems and other
environmental compliance processes
• Proven organisational and reporting capability

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Further details are available on the CSMART website: