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  • Damian Crowley’s motto is never to do anything he doesn’t enjoy. So it’s lucky the shipping industry has provided him with so many enjoyable career options, he tells SARAH ROBINSON...
  • Chris Shepherd’s qualifications urgently needed an upgrade. Time to contact the Slater Fund...
  • Professional CV Writing Toolkit for Maritime Professionals
  • In the competitive maritime jobs market a stand out CV is absolutely essential. Nautilus International Jobs has teamed up with CV Writers who provide a quality and professional CV writing service.
  • Because around 60% of Nautilus International members are employed under Nautilus collective agreements, many do not negotiate their own terms and conditions. This article aims to give job seekers without such collective agreements advice on securing the best outcome.
  • Nautilus staff and officials are dealing with an increasing number of queries from members seeking fresh employment. If you haven’t been in the jobs market for a while, it can be confusing - here's our advice.